KNX UK Introduces New Entry-Level Membership

KNX UK has introduced a new entry level of membership for KNX building control integrators called KNX UK Professionals.

 KNX UK Professionals will have the opportunity to share experiences and exchange information about KNX technology with each other and with full members of KNX UK to help grow their knowledge and boost their success in applying KNX within UK residential and commercial premises.  
 “More and more residential and commercial buildings are benefitting from the simple to install and integrate control afforded by KNX technology,” says Iain Gordon, KNX UK President. “As this community grows, it’s important that people can build their expertise quickly and increase their KNX experience as they migrate towards fully-fledged KNX UK Membership. The KNX UK Professionals category will help support this transition and ensure they can access a range of KNX resources as quickly, efficiently and productively as possible.”
KNX Professionals can access a significant amount of information and expert advice, via online KNX forums as well as through face-to-face events, networking and formal meetings for an affordable annual subscription fee. All full members of the KNX UK Association are invited to participate and interact with KNX Professionals free of charge. Other benefits include eligibility to display the KNX UK Professionals membership logo on advertisements, websites, promotional literature and social media accounts. Complimentary copies of the international KNX Journal and KNX UK e-newsletter are also provided. 
The initial annual joining and membership price for KNX UK Professionals is set at £200. Before the end of May 2015, a reduced subscription fee of £150 is available for the first year’s membership. KNX Professionals can upgrade anytime to full membership of the KNX UK Association at a preferential rate.
KNX is a simple system for intelligent electrical installation networking. A KNX bus cable combines devices and systems and new functions can be easily added in the future as the needs of occupants change and extra functionality is required. KNX products are used to build intelligent integrated building control solutions for domestic and commercial applications.  As a result, owners, residents, or managers of these properties have control over the everyday working or living environment.  This can cover all building services such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and metering as well as the operation of blinds, electrical appliances, windows, facades, AV/sound systems and many other functions.

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