LG presents transparent 55-in OLED display at ISE 2018

At ISE 2018 last week LG showcased the potential of its transparent OLED technology with a prototype of a 55-in HD display at its hall 12 stand.

For the show, LG lined up a number innovations which attracted the crowds, including 8K DLP projectors for specialist applications.

The Korean manufacturer may have been chiefly presenting the benefits of transparent OLED displays for signage in commercial environments, but the product also shows serious potential for high-end residential settings where the technology could offer the next step up from the latest mirror displays.

Additionally seen in a 77-in model at other events, the 55-in transparent model incorporates an LG panel with 40% transparency, whereas transparent LCD may typically offer around 10% transmittance.

Of course, this isn’t the first time it is has shown transparent technology at a trade show, and we’ve even seen an iteration that’s bendable too, but this year’s prototype shows how far the technology has come – largely thanks to the company dedicating $905 (€809/£710) million to R&D in furthering its OLED line.

At CES 2018 earlier this year, LG also showed the fruits of its latest work in rollable OLED TVs and 8K OLED display technology in a year where it has continued to deliver on LG’s SVP & CTO, In-Byung Kang’s promise to “provide differentiated value as the leader in the future display market.”

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