LG presents 65-in rollable TV at CES 2018

Yes, the video footage is real, LG just unveiled a 65-in 4K OLED rollable TV. And it’s much more advanced than the prototypes we have previously seen.

If you thought the Korean manufacturer’s 88-in 8K display was the only thing to see at their stand at CES 2018 in Las Vegas this week, you were wrong.

After previously teasing us at CES a few years ago with the first prototype, LG is getting serious about officially launching the market’s first rollable TV in a few years’ time.

Its latest prototype – a 65-in display – can be rolled up and hidden via remote control when not in use, and moved or stored out of sight in a compact box and builds on the 77-in flexible and transparent panel presented last year.

LG states that the screen can even be partially unrolled, demonstrating it in use as a product to show slim notification panel with access to a music player, the user’s calendar or weather and news information. Reportedly the unit can be also resized (from 21:9 ratio) via a button that can change aspect ratio.

model after and during unrolling of LG's rollable 65-inch TV at CES 2018

Offering a viable way for TV owners to own a huge TV but not take up space in their home, as well fit into small or difficult spaces, the technology could be huge (though likely costly) for modern-day home cinema spaces.

Although still a work in progress, LG has confirmed that the release date of its first rollable TV is closer than the future release of its supersized 8K (which is makes sense given the lack of 8K content readily available).

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