Loewe Introduces New Art Range of Ultra HD 4K Televisions

German maker displays passion for style and substance with new range of Ultra HD 4K TVs • Ultra HD 4K TV engineered and manufactured...

German maker displays passion for style and substance with new range of Ultra HD 4K TVs • Ultra HD 4K TV engineered and manufactured in Germany • Superb sound with SOEN stereo sound concept • Super-fast channel changing • Streams TV programmes to tablets • Available in 40, 48 and 55in screen sizes Loewe announces the launch of its new Loewe Art TV, a stunningly designed Ultra HD 4K television that combines high-performance features and state-of-the-art technologies with a highly sophisticated aesthetic appeal. With a set of design imperatives unique in the market, the Art’ TV is truly worthy of the name. The new Loewe Art TV features brilliantly realistic Ultra HD 4K picture quality, alongside market-leading sound quality to ensure the best possible viewing experience. It is loaded with useful facilities, too, including a dual-channel configuration so you can watch one programme whilst recording another via USB. Another convenient feature is Smart tv2move’, which streams the programme you’re watching (or an alternative channel) to your tablet, so you can take your favourite programme with you when you leave the room. James McConnell, Managing Director of Loewe UK, commented: “We are tremendously excited to launch the first of a new generation of Loewe Ultra HD 4K TVs, delivering stunning picture quality plus a market-leading sound system integrated within Art’s elegant, minimalist design. The result is a TV experience that is distinctly premium in quality, yet competitively priced for a set of such sophistication.” Super-fast channel changing The new Loewe Art TV is incredibly nippy when it comes to switching channels. A sluggish response whilst channel hopping can lead to frustration, but high-speed channel switching with Loewe’s Instant Channel Zapping’ technology delivers maximum convenience to the end user. Premium picture quality The new Loewe Art Ultra HD 4K TV delivers beautiful, razor-sharp images from a variety of video sources, including USB, your home network and the internet. The Loewe Art TV is compatible with the latest high-resolution interfaces – HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 and HEVC h265 – enabling users to view ultra-high-resolution content from appropriate external devices in all its glory. Conventional Full HD video content also impresses, thanks to Loewe’s advanced on-board scaling technology. Across the whole range of possible video sources, images appear wonderfully crisp yet natural, with exceptional depth of detail alongside fresh, vibrant colours. All the new Loewe Art models are 3D-compatible and are available with optional 3D glasses. Superior sound quality The new Loewe Art TV delivers market-leading sound quality, despite its slim design. State-of-the-art speaker technology from SOEN – a world leader in high-performance compact audio solutions – utilises four forward-facing transducers, expertly engineered with high-excursion Smart Suspension, advanced FluxForce Motors and Momentum Ports to augment the bass. Powerful amplification delivers up to 80W in total to drive the four speakers, resulting in deep, rich and detailed sound that rival slim TVs cannot match. This premium-level audio engineering ensures all Art TV models deliver superb sound straight from the box, without the need for an external soundbar to spoil the TV’s elegant design. A work of Art Loewe TVs have always had a timeless beauty and the new Art TV lives up to its name. Classical elegance and a high-quality aluminium frame, with carefully crafted surfaces and precise panel gaps, all combine to make a compelling visual statement. The Loewe Art is a truly premium product – from any angle. Along with the cast aluminium table stand, Loewe offers a range of elegant set-up solutions, from revolving floor stands and rack systems to wall-mounts. Intuitive operation The Loewe Assist Media 2015 operating system is easy and intuitive to use, with smart graphic elements and useful content lists. A truly smart TV, the new Loewe Art delivers a huge variety of content and applications. The triple-tuner, dual-channel system, integrated network interface and high performance WLAN module underpin the technologically advanced design of Loewe’s new Art TV. Assist Media 2015 makes it easy to find key content, browse online, and check television network broadcasts, media libraries and your home network. All searches can also be custom configured. The Loewe Smart TV MediaNet portal is also directly linked to content from online video libraries and music streaming services. The Loewe Art TV is fully compatible with home automation control protocol RS232 enabling seamless integration into a wider smart-home environment. Sustainability Loewe products are designed to minimise energy consumption and continue performing flawlessly for many years. Thanks to modular technology, top-quality materials, precision workmanship and timeless design, consumers can be assured of owning a sustainable product that will deliver total reliability and perform beautifully for a very long time to come. Price and availability Launching as Loewe’s new entry-level TV range, Art is available from December in silver or black, and in the following screen sizes: Art 40 – £1,299 Art 48 – £1,699 Art 55 – £2,099 www.loewe.tv

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