Meridian Live! day immerses integrators

On 16 November, 2017 over 60 installers and members of the press turned out for Meridian Live! in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire to see the manufacturer’s latest 200 Series in action, as well as check out its upgraded demo facilities.

Hosted at Meridian Audio’s headquarters in Huntingdon, Meridian Live! showcased new products with hands-on workshops and demonstrations, as well as offering networking opportunities as part of the company’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

Opened by John Buchanan, CEO of Meridian Audio, the event was split into four parts dedicated to allowing dealers to get hands-on with the 200 Series – comprising of the 251 powered zone Controller, 271 digital theatre controller and 218 zone controller; understand more about how the products can be deployed; and learn more about the manufacturer’s media room and cinema room.

Incorporating Meridian’s 271 controller and a vertically mounted, mirrored projection powered from Barco’s recently introduced entry-level 5,500 lumen Medea 4K projector, Meridian’s new media room was opened exclusively for the event – and seriously impressed. Available at a lower cost and smaller scale than Meridian’s dedicated Digital Reference Theatre (incorporating Meridian DSPs & subwoofers and digital surround controller), the media room features a 3-metre screen surrounded white walls to show what can be achieved with spaces that on first appearances may not appear well suited to being converted into a home cinema space.

Meanwhile, in its larger home theatre space – featuring a Barco 4K Wodan projector, a DT screen Cinema-ATS acoustically treated walls – Meridian introduced its new Bond-inspired DT art mask, showing the potential use of the screen as a backdrop (personalised to whatever a client wants) when not in use. Meridian noted that the acoustically transparent mask only took 4 hours to install.

Following on from the event, Meridian will continue to offer the 10% discount on orders placed this month announced at the event – for more information, contact the manufacturer.

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