Creating illusions with integrated lighting

Integrated lighting combined with smart shades, climate control, multiroom audio and home security makes this property the hottest villa on the Spanish market. Amy Wallington takes a look at what makes it so unique.

With the return of ISE this year and its debut in Barcelona, HiddenWires wanted to find a Spanish smart home project that would stand out with high-end technology but suits its surrounding environment. Villa Shiro, located in Bahía de Marbella, does exactly that.

Integrated lighting is the main feature in this project, combining it with automation to transform the property and create a unique experience for the user. The lighting design is also used to accentuate the detailed architecture and interior design to make the house stand out.

Located in a highly sought-after area, the house is surrounded by other villas of similar size and is very close to the beach and centre of Marbella. However, this property is distinctive with its luxury, high-tech design.

Potential in technology

Owned by a property developer, the villa was bought to be renovated and sold on. The developer could see the potential in having high-end home technology in a desirable location as he has a similar system in his own home. Working with integrator, Illusion Custom Home Automation Solutions, who was also responsible for his personal home project, they created their vision in Villa Shiro.

“We have been working on this project for more than two years, from 2019 to almost the end of 2021,” says Victor Periáñez, founder and managing director of Illusion. “From the beginning, we have worked very closely with the client, advising him on every detail with the aim of creating a project where technology and architecture went hand in hand.

“The client is currently living in a house where we undertook the lighting and control project (design and execution) with a Lutron system, so he was pretty familiar with both our services and the technology we installed,” he continues. “For him, it was clear to count on us from the beginning. And for Illusion, it is a tremendous honour to leave this impression on the client, who already got to know us and who is used to demanding the highest standards.”

Very much a ‘technology meets design’ project, the install was mostly an integrated lighting project with audio and full control over both. The integrated technology installed incorporates a complex design to ensure it works with the architecture and interior design to give the user a luxury result that will benefit their everyday lives. The system is also designed in such a way that future owners can add to it if they wish.

Human centric design

Lighting is often taken for granted and is something humans tend to only notice if it is particularly bad. While the lighting design in this project stands out, it also blends in when required to create a human centric solution that will benefit the user’s health and wellbeing.

As a newly built villa, the integrators had a clean canvas to work on. The lighting design and control of the lighting was the main priority in this project to create a unique and luxury experience. Periáñez explains: “From the beginning, the developer wanted to create a project based on the latest and best quality technologies at the forefront, with the goal of building a house which is very different compared to any other house on the market.”

A Lutron system was chosen for the lighting control in this villa, which was combined with lighting from Delta Light, Flos, Panzeri and Vibia to develop a welcoming and pleasant environment.

“For the lighting design, we always had to keep in mind that we wanted to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere where the indirect light has a lot of importance, while the direct light is achieved with high quality products, mostly from Delta Light, to ensure visual comfort and glare-free lighting throughout the house,” Periáñez details.

Working as a team

Teamwork was of utmost importance throughout this project. Working with the builders and the interior designers meant that the lighting was designed in such a way that it would have the most effect on the building and its residents.

“This is a big villa with a lot of different products and technologies installed,” adds Periáñez. “Thankfully, we could always count on the building company, Jamena, to provide any solutions to meet our requirements, so the work went smoothly, making it easier to achieve the best results. This was also the case with the interior design project, which was executed by the prestigious Pedro Peña Studio. It is always a pleasure to work with such a professional team with an amazing eye for detail.”

Working as a team with different specialities and sharing ideas meant that the integrator was able to create a pleasant and welcoming environment using architectural lighting with a high level of visual comfort and adjustable intensity which can be adapted for each room.

Periáñez reveals: “The lighting of the façade has focused on emphasising architecture, thanks to the use of linear profiles that frame the forms, giving them prominence, while the lighting of the garden is intended to invite the use and enjoyment of all the corners that have been carefully designed by the Adarve team.”

Not only was it important to work with other specialists on the project, it was also vital to include the client too. “The developer is a person with a clear mind about what he wants, but also someone who is open-minded and willing to be flexible,” reveals Periáñez. “Working with him was an amazing experience for both parties learning from each other. Having this kind of client makes us strive every day to reach success, leading to us evolving as a company and improving as a team.”


Integrating a Lutron system into the home allows users to have complete control of not just the lighting, but the shades, temperature and audio too.

“Thanks to the Lutron system, the users can control all the technologies in the house, including the lighting, from convenient and elegant keypads on the walls or from the Lutron app on their phones and tablets,” says Periáñez. “The lighting scenes are 100% customisable, making the rooms ready for any activity that might take place.

“We have integrated the control of natural and artificial lighting, climate and the audio into the Lutron system. Of course, the system is developed to add more features if the future buyer wants to do so.”

For a user friendly and easy experience, Lutron Palladiom keypads/thermostats and Airzone thermostats have been installed into each of the rooms, including guest rooms. Periáñez reassures: “We have prepared an easy-to-use system for people to get used to quickly without needing any previous training or instructions.”

Using Lutron’s silent blinds and curtain rails, users can regulate natural lighting while maintaining privacy. From a security perspective, the system can be programmed to automatically turn lights on or off and have blinds open or closed at certain times of the day to make the property look inhabited which can deter intruders.

Adding to security, Illusion also installed a 2N access control solution to manage who can enter the property. Periáñez explains: “At the entrances to the house, the door phone from 2N will allow the client to give a different code to every member of staff, or a temporary code to anyone who needs to enter the house. That way, it will be easy to control who enters the house and when for better security.”

For home entertainment, the integrator has installed in-ceiling speakers from Sonance to provide multiroom audio throughout the property, powered by a Sonance amplifier. The discreet in-ceiling speakers were used to ensure aesthetics were not spoiled. A Sonos Arc Soundbar was also specified to enhance the sound of the TV, while a Sonos Move speaker has been added to listen to music anywhere in the house as well as outside.


The two-year project reflects what the property developer had envisioned. As he is selling the house, he wanted to make sure that the system isn’t closed and can be adapted to future needs. “The system has many possibilities of customisation for the future owners,” Periáñez reveals. “They may decide to add more audio solutions or completely change the programming of the Lutron system to suit their needs.”

Installing a full home automation system with AV and more technology is also a possibility in this villa to ensure the new homeowners can make it their own.

As the property will be changing hands, the installers will cover any maintenance to the system, but have also made sure that it is clear how to look after it if the new owners do not want a maintenance package.

Periáñez adds: “During the execution of the project, we worked on very detailed technical plans which will help us or anyone in charge of the maintenance to have all the required information of everything installed in the house at a glance.”

Following this project with the property developer, Illusion is now starting a new project with him in a few months’ time that will be on an even bigger plot of land and presents even more opportunities.

Images by Charly Simon Photo.


Tech Spec

2N Access Control

Airzone Blueface Thermostat

Airzone Lite Thermostat

Delta Light Boxy R Surface On-Ceiling Spotlights

Delta Light Dot.Com Wallwash Lights

Delta Light Microspy In OK Spotlights

Delta Light Partou IP Round Spotlights

Delta Light Splitbox Spy Lights

Delta Light Tagline ON Profiles

Flos A-Round Recessed In-Floor Projector Lights

Flos Flauta Wall Lamps


Lutron Alena Curtains

Lutron HomeWorks

Lutron Palladiom Keypads/Thermostats

Lutron Pico Keypads

Lutron Sivoia Shades

Panzeri Brooklyn Trimless Profiles

Panzeri Zero Round Hanging Lamps

Sonance In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

Sonance Power Amplifier

Sonos Arc Soundbar

Sonos Move Speakers

Sonos Port

Vibia Halo Jewel Hanging Lamps