Meridian and Procella provide CEDIA HQ loudspeaker support

Meridian Audio and Procella Audio have provided audio installations for CEDIA’s global HQ in Indiana, USA, with Meridian donating its special edition DSP8000SE digital active loudspeakers to the entrance of the HQ and a Procella Audio loudspeaker system being installed in the reference theatre of the HQ.

The Meridian DSP8000SE loudspeakers feature a white finish, installed in the reception area of the building.

The DSP8000SE speakers are available in a variety of colours or bespoke finishes and feature integral DAC’s, pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers and digital crossovers.

Meridian 2

Meridian DSP3200 loudspeakers have also been installed, with black DSP3200’s installed in the library area of CEDIA’s HQ.

The DSP3200’s feature DSP technologies with two integrated amplifiers, on-board digital signal processing and two drivers.

An Invision full 11.4.8 channel Procella Audio loudspeaker system has also been installed at CEDIA’s headquarters in the reference theatre, with the 11.4.8 configuration utilising a total of 30 channels of processing and almost 30,000 Watts of amplification.

Bi-amplified Procella P815 speakers are used for the L/C/R channels, with P6V speakers for each of the wide and ear-level surround channels.


The newly released P8iW in-wall/in-ceiling speaker is used for the eight height channels with four dual 18-in driver P18 subwoofers.

Each of the eight drivers are separately calibrated and driven by a dedicated amplifier channel.

The Reference Cinema Home Theatre was designed and constructed by former CEDIA chairman Dennis Erskine and the Erskine Group.

The installation uses three P815, two P18, three P10 and six P8 speakers.

CEDIA’s 40,000 square foot HQ opened in March 2019 and features office space, a training facility and an experience centre with a main room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

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