Projector screen lets you watch two films at once

One talking point at CES in Vegas last week surprisingly does not involve one of the industry giants (aka LG, Samsung or Sony), but a little-known company in California that produces screens. But not just any screens, but the type where you’re sat dictates what you may be watching.

At the show MirraViz showcased a projector screen that allows multiple people to watch different videos at the same time – whether you view this as a useful creation, or technology for the sake of technology, it’s undeniably an interesting invention for the home cinema market.

Let’s get things straight: this isn’t (entirely) picture-in-picture. Oh, and another thing: you’ll need to have multiple projectors hanging around to do this.

MirraViz says there’s technically no real limit to how many videos can be watched as the screen’s optical elements are packed into the panel means essentially the only limitation is how many projectors you fit into a space.

Offering brighter performance than TVs can offer due to their reflection of light, the screen is also obviously considerably cheaper than owning one.

There are a couple negatives, however. A biggie being you have to be positioned behind the projector for optimum viewing… In addition to having to have multiple projectors lying around.

MirraViz panels start at 55 inches, priced at $499 in the US, and is also available mounted onto a gaming chair, nat.

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