NEAR to Host Outdoor Speaker Training at CEDIA Expo 2016

During CEDIA Expo 2016 NEAR will be conducting a Manufacturer Product Training (MPT) session on Friday Sept. 16 from 3:30 - 5:00 in Room C143 . The topic is "Designing and Up-Selling Exceptional Outdoor Audio Systems."

Near will cover topics such as:

• Speaker spacing to achieve even sound coverage
• Speaker directivity, dispersion and coverage
• Powering outdoor speaker systems
• Stereo vs. mono - how to choose
• When to consider 70V systems

And for the more sales oriented attendees:
• How to upsell outdoor audio and raise your average ticket sale

Near will host a drawing for a free pair of LB5 speakers (MSRP $998/pr.) at the end of the training.

NEAR Speakers

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