Netflix testing ’˜Ultra’ streaming package for HDR and more

Netflix are dangling a higher-cost ‘Ultra’ option for streaming TV and film content to select users in Europe, which potentially could launch on a wider scale soon.

As first reported by TuttoAndroid, Netflix is exploring separate options for users who may want to (and have the funds to) take their streaming up a level – billed as Netflix ‘Ultra.'

Netflix are currently testing the waters with its Ultra service in multiple countries across Europe. Specific features (as indicated in the screenshot sourced by CordCutting) outlined as part of the upper tier of streaming include 4K and HDR-quality content and allowing users to watch up to four screens at a time.

“We are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix,” explained a spokesperson for the service speaking to CNET.

Enjoying Netflix Ultra is currently priced between €17-20 in parts of Europe, but both pricing and how plan options (regarding how many devices users can use and HDR access) seems to differ between users across different countries.

Of course, price hikes are nothing news and the US-based streaming platform has been slowly creeping up the cost of its service as it ramps up its production of original content, but the issue with this possible rollout is a lot of people are already enjoying HDR-quality content as part of their subscription. To take it away and ask for an extra fee could lead to a potential backlash, and many switching over to Amazon Prime – therefore certainly seems like a risky mood if they go ahead with it.

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