New Janus Technology & Rako Controls partnership streamlines Control4 integration

Janus Technology, technology integration software and support services provider for the smart home, has partnered with smart lighting controls manufacturer, Rako Controls for easier Control4 lighting control integration.

The new partnership will make the integration of Rako lighting control into a Control4 system easier, quicker and more streamlined thanks to the new Janus Technology Control4 driver, which has been described as a huge step forward in driver technology.

Thanks to more than 10 years of working together and an extensive knowledge of the Rako product range, Janus Technology has adapted the Control4 driver to work specifically with the new Rako HUB. The driver all the room, channel and circuit information from the Rako HUB and automatically adds all the required proxy drivers, vastly streamlining the commissioning process for the installer. It uses the new HUB API for faster communication and more reliable feedback.

The driver suite also includes RGB and RGBW drivers that supports full compatibility with Janus Technology’s Colour Wheel, a webview driver that allows users to adjust the colour across multiple lighting channels in a Rako system quickly and easily. This also now works on the Control4 mobile app as well as touchscreen.

“We are delighted to announce this new Control4 driver for Rako lighting control,” said Richard Caton, managing director of Janus Technology. “Our two companies have a passion for making the lives of integrators easier and with this new solutions we will be able to do just that. The new driver makes integration between Rako and Control4 much smoother and will save time and cost for integrators.”

Paul Wafer, director of Rako Controls added: “When integrating third-party systems, there is always a separate driver needed. Many of these drivers have not been updated and maintained over the years so they require manual programming by the integrator. This can be time consuming and complex, which is the last thing you need when you are working on site.

“The new Control4 driver that Janus Technology has developed offers seamless integration with the Rako HUB interface. We have tested it internally and are really impressed with the results. We’re sure it will prove a huge advantage for Control4 dealers who want to implement Rako lighting control in their systems.”