Nortek Security & Control experience supply chain delays due to coronavirus

Nortek Security & Control (NSC) has distributed a notice to its customers to warn of possible supply chain delays due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

Beginning the notice by extending its thoughts to those affected by the outbreak, it goes on to say that a ripple effect is causing many companies, along with itself, to experience supply chain delays with expected impact on shipping timelines around the world ranging from days to weeks. 

NSC is closely monitoring the situation and the impact on its manufacturing partners and assures it is working hard to minimise disruption to customers.

Outlining the initial steps the company is taking in response to the situation, NSC said: “We are diligently working with each of our suppliers to prioritise the production scheduling, the return of personnel, and ensuring that our customers are supported to the best of our ability.”

The company also stated that it is actively managing any impacted product lines, offering substitutions where available and utilising buffer/safety stock where possible, as well as working with long lead time suppliers to minimise the impact of raw material used to build products. 

The final step it is taking right now is to closely plan with key supplier and partners as the outbreak is likely to affect logistics, including container availability, driver availability and port congestion.

The recent spread of the virus across Europe is likely to continue causing issues for companies, with situations expected to worsen before they get better. 

Earlier this week, Light + Building 2020 had to make the decision to postpone the show until September due to the increased risks. 

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