Nuki Smart Lock updates to Night Mode

European smart lock manufacturer, Nuki Home Solutionshas introduced a ‘Night Mode’ to its Smart Lock to help homeowners throughout the winter months.

Designed to bring a new level of comfort and safety to the Nuki Smart Lock, Night Mode combines and automatically activates specific features during the night to ensure the greatest possible security over night. This includes features such as double-locking the door at night and disabling the Auto Unlock function.
Nuki Smart Lock Night Mode
Nuki’s day and night modes allows homeowner’s to adapt their Smart Lock to their individual needs. 

To increase battery life, the Nuki Smart Lock switches to low power mode at night and sends out a Bluetooth signal less frequently. 

This update has also improved the low battery warning on the Nuki Smart Lock. Previously, Nuki would notify users via the app and optional push notifications as soon as the battery power was below 20 per cent. With the new update, the battery will now be displayed in the lock overview of the app, making it easily accessible and for extra reassurance.

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