Ofcom report leaves UK broadband speed behind Europe

The number of premises unable to get access to decent (>10Mps download speed) broadband, when factoring in fixed wireless and fixed line networks, has dropped from 61,000 to 57,000 premises.

Alex Tofts, from Broadband Genie, believes that although there are signs of progress the UK still remains behind other European countries, he states: “The bar for what Ofcom deems to be ‘decent’ broadband at 10Mb is unacceptable for the average household in 2024. With so many devices relying on the internet, as well as the rise of 4K UHD streaming and online gaming means that a connection of just 10Mb is going to leave many households pulling their hair out at these sluggish speeds.”

This is an interim update to the last annual Connected Nations, which was based on data collected in September 2023 and is based on fixed broadband availability and mobile coverage in the UK as of January 2024. The findings state that the number of homes able to get gigabit-capable broadband is up to 24.0 million homes (80% of all UK homes), up from 23.2 million (78%) since September 2023. Full fibre coverage is now at 18.7 million homes (62%). This represents an increase of 5 percentage points in the four months between September 2023 and January 2024, while Superfast broadband coverage across the UK overall remains at 97%.

Mobile coverage remains stable for 4G, with around 93% of the UK landmass predicted to have good outdoor 4G coverage from at least one operator. This area includes nearly all the premises in the UK.

5G coverage has also remained steady over the previous 4 months with around 92% of premises being able to get a 5G signal outdoors, from at least one mobile network operator.

Tofts went on to comment: “Headline figures such as 80% of homes being connected to gigabit-capable broadband can be eye-catching but are misleading and have the potential to confuse consumers into thinking that the broadband they are receiving is the best on the market.”

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