RGB Communications adds acoustic treatment to portfolio with Artnovion

The addition of Artnovion to RGB Communications’ brand line up brings acoustic room treatment services to its offerings.

Acoustic treatment is a very important aspect of a room that improves quality of sound by reducing the interaction of the source within the room itself. Artnovion has a deep understanding of how to control the sound via its comprehensive, inventive and attractive room treatments. 

Removing reflections, reducing echo, cancelling out bass boom and/or reverberation are some examples of acoustic treatments, also used to eliminate sound pollution into other rooms. 

Artnovion’s product portfolio allows integrators to offer customers a new level of experience for any rooms around the house but especially their home cinema and media rooms. 

Products include tuneable bass traps, a fine-tuneable device with unprecedented performance, and a range of absorption and diffusion products to offer advanced acoustics in an array of striking designs. 

To simplify the specification process, the easy-to-use app for iOS devices, the Artnovion Impulso App, allows integrators to measure any room and will give advice as to which products should be used. Fitting the solutions are simplified with all mounting brackets supplied with each package.

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