RTI Releases Two-Way Driver for Sonos Audio Devices

New Driver Allows Intuitive Control of Popular Sonos® Streaming Audio Systems Directly From RTI Interfaces Remote Technologies Incorpo...

New Driver Allows Intuitive Control of Popular Sonos® Streaming Audio Systems Directly From RTI Interfaces Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) today announced the availability of a new two-way driver for use with the Sonos® family of wireless music players. Available free of charge to RTI dealers, the driver simplifies the control and feedback of Sonos audio components, providing integrators and end users with an incredibly powerful solution for selecting songs, storing favorites, and adjusting audio settings on up to 16 media players from a single page of an RTI user interface. Developed by RTI, the company's new two-way driver for Sonos allows RTI processors to directly control audio functions on one of the world's most widely used streaming audio solutions. Installers can easily implement the new solution without any licensing or instance expenses, resulting in a powerful, cost-effective innovation for today's wireless residential audio installations. With capabilities such as transport and volume control of up to 16 media players on a single screen, the driver easily scales to fit the scope of larger-sized installations, furthering the cost advantages. The new technology offers other robust capabilities including music player grouping on-the-fly and the ability to listen to external audio sources plugged into a player on any other player in the Sonos system. To support quick and easy access to favorite media, RTI's driver makes all of the favorites stored on the Sonos system available through a constantly updated, dynamic two-way scrolling list. In addition, a series of feedback variables allow integrators to create buttons easily to indicate media titles, descriptions, and artwork for up to 20 stored favorites. These buttons are automatically updated as lists evolve to create a streamlined approach to audio asset management. A series of preset buttons also allows favorites to be updated by the end user at any time and on any RTI interface in the system. "Sonos audio devices have become extremely popular worldwide," said Pete Baker, vice president of sales and marketing for RTI. "By developing a two-way driver that easily integrates the Sonos system into the RTI control platform, integrators can now offer more intuitive control, easy player grouping, and powerful music management. Even better, we are extremely happy to provide our dealer base with a cost-effective audio solution for their clients by offering this driver free of charge."' The two-way driver for Sonos is available now on RTI's website at www.rticorp.com

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