A Knektd Gem in London

Nestled among traditional townhouses in London, is a six-story property that personifies whole-house integration.

London-based installer, Knektd, designed a whole-home Crestron automation system, giving the owners complete control over their lighting, heating, security, and audio/video equipment. Going one step further, Knektd also integrated control of the skylights, swimming pool, and the fireplace, all from the home’s customised Crestron touchscreens.

Working closely with the designers, Knektd ensured that the system integrates seamlessly into the interior. The speakers have been recessed into the walls, creating a discreet yet powerful audio solution, and wireless control comes from discreet iPads located around the home. Knektd also customised the lighting faceplates to integrate the temperature sensors, minimising the number of panels required on the walls.

“This house has the ultimate in integrated technology,” says Shaun Wilson, director of Knektd. “The project has been planned in detail to ensure a happy client and all-inclusive solution. This includes point-to-point cable management from the TV to the head end, a perfectly wired AV racking system, and an integrated intelligent building management system incorporating air conditioning, under floor heating, and pool control.”M

What makes this home outstanding is hidden in the third-floor basement. Upon first glance, it appears to be a large marble dance floor. As with the other rooms, a TSW-750 touchscreen sits on the wall, but this one includes the options of fully risen, 0.5m, 1m and fully submerged. At the selection of one of these buttons, the marble floor starts to sink and water starts to fill the space, within eight minutes the floor has completely sunk and been replaced by a tranquil swimming pool.


“In addition to being able to raise and lower the height of the pool floor, we have automated the pool feature fountain, which, with some clever programming, can be activated when the pool is in swim mode only,” Wilson says. “The pool area boasts a lounge area with an open shower, gym with a 55-inch LED TV, Sauna with built-in audio, steam room, and changing room. When the pool floor is fully raised, the area turns into an entertainment area with an invisible multi-channel audio system, and multi-coloured LED lighting.”

The Crestron TSW-750 7-inch touchscreens are located on the wall of the master suite, in the hallways, and the plant room, giving homeowners control over the lighting, shades, and audio/video. From these touchscreens, the front and back doors can be answered, opened, or locked, and any of the six security cameras can be viewed, providing peace of mind, no matter which floor you are on.

The master suite also boasts a beautiful skylight, looking up to the terrace above. Using state-of-the- art privacy glass, at the touch of a button, the skylight becomes opaque, giving the occupants below privacy when needed.

The home also features a custom media room with a 75-inch 4K TV, hidden 7.1 surround sound, and PlayStation 4 for the ultimate gaming experience. This top of the range AV equipment is mirrored throughout the property via Crestron DigitalMedia.

Promo_Case-Study_Knektd_Bathroom-Web-1024x682“The advantage of a Crestron system is that it allows video sources, such as DVD and Blu-ray servers, satellite receivers, and Apple TVs to be housed centrally and distributed around the property via the DigitalMedia system,” Wilson says. “Each room features full HD audio and video. The homeowner is able to listen to music or continue watching a film from any area of the home thanks to the 16 zones of audio.”

With all this technology stored underground, safety is paramount. “The client requested a water leak detection function in the lower basement,” says Wilson. “As a precaution, a cut-off system was put in place should a leak be detected in any of the plant rooms. The cut-off mechanism has a float device, which upon the detection of a problem, shuts off the power to all pool pipework and pumps. The system then initiates a surge pump and sends a warning notification to owner and relevant contractors. ”

Unusual for a city home, this property has a small, beautifully landscaped back garden and BBQ area. The Crestron system has extended outdoors with the implementation of Crestron speakers hidden in flowerbeds. The homeowner can enjoy their favourite tunes, change radio stations, or lower/raise volume—all from an iPad using the Crestron app. Entertainment can be enjoyed inside or outside utilizing the Crestron whole home solution.

CP3 Processors
16x16 4K DM Matrix
TSW-750-W-S 7-inch Touchscreens
MLX-3 Controllers
iPanel Table Dock for iPad Air
Crestron Green programmable Lighting panels controlling 150 channels of lighting
Bespoke Satin Nickel faceplates with integrated temperature sensors
Cisco SG200 & SG300 series switching
Cisco Firewall Router & WAPs
Pakedge IP Power Controller
APC Uninterrupted Power supplies for backup power
Sonance invisible series speakers throughout the property
CCTV: IC Realtime PTZ Cameras and 16-Channel NVR
Integrated PBT XIP Video Door Entry System


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