A new family of sound absorption panels introduced from Vicoustic

Vicoustic has unveiled its new family of sound absorbers designed for home cinema applications.

The new Cinema family is made up of three panels: Cinema Piano VMT, Cinema Forte VMT, and Cinema Fortissimo VMT. Vicoustic has a commitment to providing acoustic treatments sustainably, and therefore the new panels are mostly made of recycled materials.

With names inspired by the dynamics of a piece of music, the panels present different levels of sound absorption. The Cinema Piano VMT is the standard sound absorber with 60mm thickness while the Cinema Forte VMT and Fortissimo VMT are more enhanced sound absorbers, reaching 120mm thickness.

Cinema Piano VMT

Combining the three cinema panels, integrators can create several 3D surfaces with multiple design options to suit different styles. With six different finishes, the Cinema line also has various customisable options thanks to being developed with VMT technology.

Compatible with VicFix J profile fixation system, the panels can also be installed in the corners acting as a broadband Bass Trap, with enhanced performance in the low region.

Offered as the standard option, the Cinema Pian VMT panel is least thick of the three, offering 60mm thickness which results in a good absorption capacity.

Cinema Forte VMT

The Cinema Forte VMT panel has a sloping front with a minimum thickness of 60mm and maximum thickness of 120mm, resulting in excellent absorption capacity. The panel can also be rotated to create interesting patterns, especially when combining with other panels from the Cinema line.

The thickest panel is the Cinema Fortissimo VMT which can be installed on the walls and corners, offering excellent performance.

The company claims that both the Cinema Forte VMT and Fortissimo VMT have one of the best acoustics performances achieved by Vicoustic.

Main image: Cinema Fortissimo VMT