Tannoy relaunches 1970s Legacy series

Tannoy has announced the upcoming release of its updated Legacy range of speakers for the home.

Inspired by Tannoy’s HPD range launched in 1974, the Legacy series follows on from the manufacturer’s recently revival of its Prestige range of speakers (although this time round excluded two models).

The Legacy series comprises of three speakers – the ARDEN (99 x 66 x 37cm), the CHEVIOT (85 x 44 x 26cm) and EATON (52 x 35 x 25cm) – all handcrafted at Tannoy’s Coatbridge factory in Scotland.

Styled to be continuation on the original range, the speakers’ terminals, trim panels and switches have been updated to improve performance, in addition to the removal of the dust cap from the transducers.

The series features Tannoy’s dual concentric drivers, with a 10-in driver fitted to the Eaton, a 12-in driver in the Cheviot and a 15-in in the Arden model. All three offer two-band energy control with boost and attenuation control for fine-tuning the speakers to their environment.

Sensitivity ratings are 87.5dB, 89dB and 91dB respectively, with power handling ratings of 400W, 500W and 600W.

All come with gold-plated, biwireable binding posts, with a fifth binding post providing grounding to reduce radio interference and improve midrange clarity.

"The Legacy series will be hand crafted by our skilled workers in Coatbridge. Every speaker will include an ‘owner’s care package’ as well as a certificate of authenticity, signed by our experts," commented Tannoy.

The series (ARDEN RRP £6,399.98 per pair, CHEVIOT RRP £5,199.98 per pair, EATON RRP £4,399.98 per pair) will be released in July 2017.

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