Russound Enhances System Control Options With New KNX-RIO-1

Russound launch new era of interoperability and multi-zone control at ISE 2015

Whole-house audio market innovator Russound took the occasion of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2015 to usher in a new era of interoperability and multi-zone control with the KNX-RIO-1 gateway. By unifying the hardware-agnostic KNX standard, and Russound’s RIO open IP protocol, Russound has given custom installers a powerful new whole-house audio automation and configuration tool.
Popularised in Europe, the KNX standard is a major breakthrough in home automation control. Devices for KNX installations are commonly connected via a simple two-wire bus, facilitating data exchange. Individual devices on that bus are then configured by the installer with the KNX ETS software, the main programming interface for all settings on KNX network systems. Through its Ethernet connection to the home network, the new KNX-RIO-1 gateway module allows installers to easily establish a link between a KNX system and a network-connected Russound whole-house audio system. What this delivers is effortless, unified operation of up to a two-controller, 16-zone system using a single KNX-RIO-1 module. Designed for use with Russound MCA-series controllers—including the C3, C5, 66, 88, and 88X (as well as the XStream X5)—installers have a powerful new tool in the KNX-RIO-1. They can now creatively integrate Russound distributed audio, including the latest in streaming media sources, throughout the entire home. “The KNX standard and the RIO protocol confirm how interoperability can improve the work of our installation partners, and the enjoyment of their customers,” noted Russound CEO Charlie Porritt. “By creating a communications link between the two with Russound’s new KNX-RIO-1, we’ve integrated the best technologies available for seamless whole-house audio configuration and control.”