Russounds Acclaim Speaker Line Incorporates Design Improvements

Russound, distributed exclusively in the UK by The Multi-Room Company, has introduced updates to the Acclaim custom install speaker colle...

Russound, distributed exclusively in the UK by The Multi-Room Company, has introduced updates to the Acclaim custom install speaker collection. The eight brand-new models feature a distinct new designer-inspired edgeless bezel design, easy-install magnetic grilles, acoustic refinements and are priced to help installers deliver optimal performance while realising exceptional margins. [caption id="attachment_7924" align="alignright" width="400"] The RSA-635[/caption] Acclaim Speakers are engineered to fit virtually any installation environment while delivering peak performance. The signature edgeless magnetic grilles attach securely using an array of 12 Neodymium magnets and are offered in both round and square shapes to blend into any decor. All models feature a time saving and vibration free triple dog-leg fixing, which accommodate a wide range of ceiling materials from 6mm to 35mm thick, allowing installers to finish jobs quickly while guaranteeing the solid grip that high fidelity sound demands. The new line is based on two different audio applications. The Performance Series can be used for almost all installations, from single room designs to whole house systems. The High Resolution Series is designed for critical listening areas where a higher fidelity solution is required. Both offer choices of two-way designs with either a flat, non-angled woofer (RSF models) or angled (RSA models) in a low-diffraction baffle that can help direct audio to key listening areas. All 6-inch versions utilise the same cut-out dimension and grille sizes, allowing for easy upgrades to any Acclaim model, even after the drywall has been cut and the grilles custom-painted. The two new 8-inch models give installers the flexibility to step up to a larger speaker size when needed, with the same aesthetic appeal of the edgeless grille design. All models incorporate a curved tweeter bridge for wide dispersion and all tweeters can be adjusted multi-directionally up to 15°. The woofer cones range from pure polypropylene to custom polypropylene-mica and polypropylene-carbon fibre blends. The acoustically matched designs allow installers to mix and match from either the Performance or the High Resolution Series speakers, with the confidence that audiophiles and homeowners will be pleased with the result. In addition to the shallow depth of the entire range, when an installation has even tighter restrictions, the new RSF-635 can be installed in a space that is as shallow as 69mm, while maintaining its high quality audio performance thanks to and advanced thin, lightweight inverted Neodymium N40 magnet structure. Among other key features found in the new selection is the centre channel adjustment switch found in the High Resolution RSA-635. Ideal for overcoming the limitations of placing a speaker in the ideal aesthetic position instead of the ideal acoustic position, the centre channel adjustment switch allows important tweaks to be made to improve intelligibility of entertainment dialogue. “Installers and integrators have come to rely on the Acclaim speakers for their versatility, quality, performance and value,” says Mike Bonnette, product director at The Multi-Room Company. “Ongoing use of the highest quality drivers, advanced crossover networks, and elegant designs guarantee the best possible audio reproduction. Our partners will find the latest enhancements make their work easier and customers happy, all while ensuring very impressive margins.”

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