Samsung Announces New UHD Content Partners Ahead of IFA 2014

Samsung set to expand its UHD content offering with VOD (video on demand) services, live broadcasting, a UHD video pack, a new download s...

Samsung set to expand its UHD content offering with VOD (video on demand) services, live broadcasting, a UHD video pack, a new download service and partnerships with major content providers including Amazon, Netflix, maxdome,, and CHILI Samsung Electronics today announced plans to further expand its UHD ecosystem by working with global content partners to help accelerate consumer adoption of UHD content and offer the widest range of content available to its customers. The company plans to launch Amazon’s UHD VOD service globally in October, and has also expanded Netflix’s UHD VOD Service into Europe, following a successful launch in March across the U.S. and other countries. Netflix kicked off its UHD streaming service with the hugely popular US series House of Cards Season 2, which is now available on Samsung’s UHD TV. Samsung is also reinforcing its partnerships with major European content providers, including VOD service, maxdome and TV and film streaming services, and CHILI to secure more UHD content as it works towards creating a more comprehensive and broad UHD content offering. “The popularity of UHD content is really starting to grow. Key to maintaining this and giving consumers what they want is wide variety and choices that reflect their bespoke interests,” said Robert King, Vice President of Consumer Electronics for Samsung UK & Ireland. “We are pleased to expand the array of UHD content that our consumers can enjoy on our ultra-immersive Curved UHD TVs.” Samsung Electronics has been focusing its efforts on providing more UHD content in the European market. In May, it teamed up with the Vienna State Opera to provide UHD live streaming of Nabucco with Placido Domingo, one of The Three Tenors, through the Vienna Opera App. The premium content was broadcasted worldwide and gave viewers a front-row seat to the thrills of the opera house. Over the next year, ten more performances are planned in UHD, where one of the highlights will be a New Year’s Eve performance of the opera Die Fledermaus from Johann Strauss. Samsung has also been actively working with partners in the industry to develop a solution for secure UHD content distribution. By working with the SCSA (Secure Content Storage Association), whose founding members include SanDisk, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., and Western Digital to establish content storage security standards, Samsung will be able to provide Hollywood studios’ highest quality content to consumers via a download service. The company also partnered with RTP, a Portuguese national broadcasting company, and Portugal Telecom (PT) – through MEO, to offer live-streaming of the World Cup warm-up matches in spectacular UHD picture quality. This event was the world’s first UHD live-streaming sports broadcast that exclusive viewers could watch on the Samsung Curved UHD TV, without a separate set-top box—a special event for sports enthusiasts. In South Korea, live UHD broadcasting has also been available to the public. In April, Samsung Electronics launched a service that allowed people to enjoy live UHD broadcasting without a set-top box, by partnering with cable provider “CJ Hello Vision.” Samsung will also work with CNM and T-Broad to launch a UHD broadcast service before the end of this year. In addition, people who own a Samsung UHD HU9000 TVs are able to use a “B TV”’ app to watch 20 UHD VOD titles with a subscription to “SK Broadband.” Samsung Electronics is also taking the lead in creating UHD content by working with leading Hollywood studios. In July, the company, in partnership with 20th Century Fox and Paramount, launched a UHD Video Pack, a 500 gigabyte drive pre-loaded with a total of 40 titles in UHD picture quality, including popular movies, such as Star Trek Into Darkness and Life of Pi, and documentaries.

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