Samsung showcase LED solutions with virtual exhibition

Due to many cancelled shows this year, Samsung has taken new initiatives to get their LED solutions in front of customers by launching a Virtual Lighting Exhibition.

Accessible at any time, the Virtual Lighting Exhibition provides a platform where visitors can virtually access the most current Samsung LED technologies and products. Manufacturers, supply chain partners, and end users can also access the latest news about Samsung lighting solutions.

“Under the current circumstances, it is very difficult to continue face-to-face communications throughout our industry, and this is exactly why we have come up with a new approach to digital communications,” said Yoonjoon Choi, vice president of Samsung LED business at Samsung Electronics.

“Samsung’s Virtual Lighting Exhibition 2020 will serve as an important business showcase where the latest LED component solutions can be displayed without the need for physical meetings.”

Segregated into product groups according to application, Samsung’s Virtual Lighting Exhibition 2020 includes solutions for the following:

Smart Lighting Solutions – transforming conventional lighting into smart lighting to foster convenience
Human-Centric Lighting Solutions – establishing a melatonin control effect through optimised melanopic ratios that help our bodies adjust the melatonin levels, allowing people to operate in a heightened state during active periods and feel more relaxed while resting
High-Efficiency Lighting Solutions – laying the foundation for paradigm-shifting solutions such as horticultural and human-centric lighting to have a significant positive impact on people’s everyday lives
Outdoor & Industrial Lighting Solutions – providing robust performance backed by advanced technology and proven reliability in areas where the highest standards are required
Horticultural Lighting Solutions – featuring full-spectrum-based technology that improves crop quality and increases yields by boosting photosynthesis, inhibiting disease and promoting better nutrition
Retail Lighting Solutions – helping businesses thrive by promoting longer stays in stores and encouraging more targeted purchasing considerations 
Light Engine Solutions – embracing and extensive range of products that cover every type of LED application, highlighting superior performance, design flexibility and top-notch efficacy 

Visitors to the virtual booth will experience highly realistic showcases of Samsung lighting solution which are accompanied by narrated videos that serve to minimise the communication limitations brought about by the current climate. 

A range of media operators will offer virtual visitors a series of online exhibitions during which the benefits of Samsung’s LED component solutions can be conveniently assessed. 

Samsung Virtual Lighting Exhibition 2020 can be accessed now here.  

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