Savant announces Apple HomeKit integration at Pacific Coast Builder Conference 2019

Savant has unveiled its integration for Apple HomeKit and Siri for a variety of products, bringing HomeKit to the company’s Pro Remote, Smart Soundbar, SmartAmp and SmartStat.

The Smart Soundbar is Savant’s first audio product that directly controls HomeKit and Savant third party devices using Savant smart home software.

Control of HomeKit compatible devices can now be utilitised via Siri on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Homepod and the native voice button on the Savant Pro Remote.  

Apple Soundbar

Savant users can also have control over media player commands on an Apple TV through IP-based integration, being able to play, pause, stop, etc. with access to the Apple TV home screen and now playing commands.

Apple TV control

Savant also introduced a smart audio amplifier at the show, the SmartAmp, which supports AirPlay 2 and HomeKit.

The SmartAmp offers music streaming services, 24-bit 96k playback and 125 Watts per channel out of the box, with an onboard DSP engine with EQ support.

Savant Amp

An Apple HomeKit compatible wi-fi and Bluetooth-enabled thermostat was also unveiled, using an app for setup and operation.

The Savant SmartStat features a glass touch screen and can be installed and configured using Savant’s Climate app or the Apple Home app.

The screen allows users to access preset climate ‘scenes’ including ‘vacation’, ‘winter’ or ‘summer’ modes as well as access to view local weather conditions and forecast data based on post code.

Savant Thermostat

Users can also create schedules based on time of day, day of the week or day of the year to suit lifestyle preferences.

The SmartStat is compatible with standard and heat pump-based HVAC systems and can be locally connected to 10K and 1-wire bus sensors, able to configured for either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The thermostat can also be connected to a variety of indoor and outdoor temperature, slab and humidity sensors.

The addition of Apple HomeKit compatibility allows users to control Savant’s SmartStat with the Apple Home app as well as through Siri on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or HomePod to trigger a scene, manage climate scheduling or raise/lower temperature by saying “Hey Siri, make it warmer/colder”.

The SmartStat is available in black and white and is also upgradeable to work with a Savant Pro system as Pro system as part of a home automation environment.

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