Sharp plans to release ’˜world’s first 8K TV' in 2018

For many, 8K resolution may be a long way away from being a everyday reality, yet Sharp hopes to be the first TV manufacturer to bring it to our screens via a 70-in 8K TV.

Not one to be caught up in legal battle (i.e. suing Hisense over ‘shoddily’ made TVs branded with the Sharp the name), Japan-based manufacturer Sharp also has other important things on its agenda. Chiefly, beating the likes of other TV heavyweights like LG and Samsung to bring out the first 8K television– as announced at IFA in Berlin yesterday.

Sharp has even set a date – March 2018 – for when it hopes to put the LC-70X500 8K TV on the market in Japan and China. For those of us in Europe, Sharp will offer a slightly less exciting 8K ‘AQUOS’ LCD screen, billed the LV-70X500E. The monitor will reportedly have a resolution of 7680 x 4320 (a cool 16x full HD).

Sharp has already released 70- and 85-in models of its 8K monitor in Japan, both of which work with the Sharp satellite broadcast receiver.

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