Stealth Acoustics Unveils New Compact Stingray-6 Environmental Speaker

Stealth Acoustics demonstrated the latest award-winning addition to its ‘StingRay’ family of advanced, all-weather outdoor speakers at In...

Stealth Acoustics demonstrated the latest award-winning addition to its StingRay’ family of advanced, all-weather outdoor speakers at Infocomm 2014. Combining high quality audio performance and reliability with a discreet, easy to conceal design, the compact StingRay 6 will open up new outdoor system business opportunities for professional AV integrators, especially when working in confined spaces. Named the StingRay 6 for the 6-inch cone woofer inside the unit, Stealth’s newest StingRay is the most compact member of the StingRay family of sealed outdoor speakers. At only 15-inches wide, 7-inches tall and less than 4-inches in depth, the StingRay 6 can be easily hidden in outdoor environments to provide high quality audio for themed entertainment, hospitality, swimming pool, restaurant, garden, spa, industrial paging applications. Offered in stock, matt white and flat black colors, the StingRay 6 can also be fully customised using paint or exterior vinyl graphics to blend seamlessly into any architectural or design-led environment. Building on the success and popularity of CEA’s Tech Home Mark of Excellence Award for best new speaker at CES 2014, the StingRay 8, StingRay 6 is an extremely capable speaker. Its cone woofer is coupled with a high-power, neodymium tweeter in a patented process to create a true 2-way speaker which provides even sound dispersion at frequencies from 50Hz to 18kHz. The StingRay 6 is also very reliable, even in the most testing outdoor conditions. There are no grilles or other openings to allow moisture into the enclosure. Utilising Stealth’s proprietary FidelityGlassâ„¢ solid-front radiating surface enclosed in a fibre-infused ASA plastic marine-grade enclosure, the StingRay 6 provides an unprecedented environmental protection rating of IP-68 as measured to IEC standards. This ensures that the internal components are fully isolated from any intrusion of dust, moisture or chlorates. The StingRay6 is even supplied with a waterproof cable pigtail for maximum protection. Rated to be capable of operating underwater for up to 64 hours at 1M depth, the StingRay 6 can easily withstand rain, snow, sleet, hail, sun and dust in temperatures ranging from 0 to +150 degrees F. “StingRay 6 is the latest iteration of our patented outdoor speaker line and fits a niche for a great sounding, extremely durable outdoor speaker in a compact, easy to specify and install size,” comments Paul Hagman, President of Stealth Acoustics. “StingRay 6 provides the installer with more possibilities for accurate placement, even when space is limited. Providing warm natural bass output along with our superior high frequency sound and wide coverage pattern – I have no doubt that this is our best StingRay yet!”

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