Tempest Introduces New LIZA Projector Enclosures

Tempest has introduced the attractively designed LIZA projector enclosure, capable of reducing mid-range projector noise to world-beating...

Tempest has introduced the attractively designed LIZA projector enclosure, capable of reducing mid-range projector noise to world-beating levels as low as, and beyond, dB. “Many projectors are installed in the places where intrusive noise really matters, such as, the corporate board room, meeting rooms, home cinema and other premium spaces,” says Tim Burnham, president of Tempest. “Typically, in these environments people also care deeply about aesthetics. LIZA is the perfect solution, engineered to be the most effective noise attenuating projector enclosure on the market, with, on top of that, a drop-dead gorgeous look.” [caption id="attachment_8457" align="alignleft" width="280"] Tempest's Liza Enclosure[/caption] Part of Tempest’s HUSH projector enclosure line-up, LIZA features three models to cover most popular business and home theatre projectors up to 15,000 ANSI Lumens. Each enclosure is lined with high-performance, acoustic insulation foam and incorporates excellent airtight seals to minimise any outward projector noise. Whisper-quiet, variable speed dc fans effectively remove heat from the enclosure whilst inlet and exhaust air is routed through special insulated hoses to baffle any sound from the airflow system as it travels into the ceiling void or building ventilation system. At the same time, LIZA is designed to minimise any visible intrusion into the space with its elegant, sleek lines creating a modern, attractive housing, free of virtually any external hardware. Supplied in high quality, pearlescent white as standard, LIZA can be finished in a wide range of custom colours to blend seamlessly with any interior design. LIZA is also quick and easy to install in any country, any voltage. It takes minutes to hang the unit within a suspended ceiling using industry standard Gripple hardware. For a hard lid installation, only four fixings are required. An innovative and robust projector mount within the enclosure can accommodate any suitable projector, and LIZA also provides fingertip control for precise positioning. Once installed, the unit requires minimal maintenance, simply needing a routine air filter check to preserve optimum operating performance. All Tempest projector enclosures are compatible with the major projector manufacturers’ units and are generally compliant with manufacturers’ warranties. www.tempest.org    

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