Vantage Adds New Universal Dimmer Module to its InFusion Lighting Control Solution

Truly Universal - UDM8-EM provides forward and reverse phase dimming for electronic and magnetic load types and is rated at 120v/277v and...

Truly Universal - UDM8-EM provides forward and reverse phase dimming for electronic and magnetic load types and is rated at 120v/277v and conforms to both UL and CE requirements. Vantage, the leader in integrated control systems for luxury spaces, today announced the pending release of its new Universal Dimmer Module. This new dimming module, part of the company’s InFusion lighting control solution, will provide precise control of new light sources in residential, hospitality and light commercial applications. Vantage is squarely focused on designing lighting control solutions that uniquely address the complexities of luxury spaces globallyThe UDM08-EM provides lighting designers and integrators with the ability to design, deliver and maintain precise lighting control solutions utilizing both traditional and low wattage sourced fixtures. The Vantage InFusion Universal Dimming Modules (UDM08-EM) are mounted in the new Main or Secondary Power Enclosures (IMPE or ISPE) released just over 1 year ago and support control of up to 8 incandescent, magnetic, electronic, fluorescent, or LED loads with up to four line feeds and up to 32 total amps of load. The Vantage enclosures provide new module locking mechanisms for improved infield plug and play installation and service, allowing modules to be quickly replaced without affecting load connections to the system. Field serviceability is enhanced with field service alerts sent via email to installers. In addition, as with the Standard Dimmer Module (SDM12-EM), this system features the industry’s first in-field upgradeable firmware. Two additional line feeds provide added flexibility with AFCI circuit breakers. The modules feature current-sensing that is built in, allowing enhanced conditional programming in Design Center for increased support of energy management scenarios. UDM08-EM series modules provide exceptional support of LED and CFL low wattage lighting as well as high wattage incandescent lighting loads. The UDM08-EM module is compatible with new and old Vantage enclosures using new AC terminals. Electrical specifications include the UDM08-EM having a single part number that supports 120 - 277 VAC; 50 or 60 Hz; and both UL and CE ratings for global compatibility. This product release continues significant enhancements to Vantage’s InFusion lighting control solution initially introduced in 2012. The planned enhancements will provide a demonstrably improved user experience with such benefits as: - Increased Control Precision - The new Universal Dimming Module (UDM08-EM) provides increased control precision of multiple light source technologies and complex lighting scenes and scenarios. A variety of high- and low-voltage lighting sources can be managed and dimmed simultaneously. Consistent with the complete line of new dimming modules from Vantage the UDM08-EM is programmable through Design Center for best-in-class linear dimming control; delivering the ideal viewable dimming range level for each load type. - Future-Ready and Backwards-Compatible - new modules are backwards-compatible with installed Vantage Q and InFusion systems and will provide for field firmware upgrades, granular load monitoring, hardware notification and sensor integration with increased support of low wattage loads. - Improved System Design Flexibility - increased capacity regarding support of Arc Fault Breakers provided by the new modules, with full support of forward and reverse phase dimming, and additional Vantage products for 0-10, PWM and DMX interface and control form the complete solution. Vantage’s award-winning Design Center software will remain a constant while providing simplified layout and design capabilities. As a company, Vantage is committed to offering innovative products that allow integrators and lighting designers to deliver a great overall experience for their customers. Marrying the precise control and flexibility of the UDM08-EM with Vantages range of Equinox interfaces provides a unique lighting or scenario control solution for the most demanding applications.

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