Vestel rolls out Dolby Atmos across more TVs throughout Europe

Vestel has announced plans to bring Dolby Atmos to more smart TVs across Europe, by rolling out the immersive audio technology to the majority of its 4K smart TV ranges.

Dolby Atmos adds extra immersion to TV shows, music, games and movies by going beyond the traditional left and right channels. Instead, sound is precisely placed around the viewer, enveloping and fully immersing them in sound.

To maximise this experience, several of the smart TV ranges come with additional features, such as front-firing speakers by JBL to project sound more widely, as well as speakers that have been approved by Onkyo. Many of the big screen models also come with subwoofers, which can amplify the bass sound.

With the roll out of Dolby Atmos, Vestel’s Linux-based smart TVs can deliver an array of Dolby Atmos compatible content.

As well as offering Dolby Atmos, many of the 4K HDR smart TVs come with additional technologies to complete the cinema at home viewing experience. With Dolby Vision HDR, it provides ultra-vivid, lifelike imagery, enabling views to watch the content exactly how the film directors and creators intended.

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