Invision and Pulse Cinemas have joined forces

Customers will have one trading account with access to a wider portfolio of industry-leading brands all in one place, dedicated account management and product specialists, continuation or enhanced terms, regional training locations, and centralised warehousing.

Mark Taylor, Commercial Director at Invision, said: “We are thrilled to be working with the Pulse Cinemas team. They are like-minded with similar values and to join forces with them means we can offer more solutions and an expanded service offering through the addition of a complementary portfolio and an experienced specialist team. This is an exciting time for both businesses, and we look forward to working together.”

Customers can continue to visit demonstrations facilities in Stansted and at Innovation House in Bracknell. Both sites showcase technology solutions installed in a variety of applications with a high-end experience at Stansted and a multi-market offering at Innovation House.

Mike Beatty, MD of Pulse Cinemas, said, “In this fast-paced industry, we are always looking at how we can offer the latest technology and outstanding service to our customers to help them grow their own businesses. This union further signifies our unwavering dedication to surpass industry standards and by combining our distinct skill sets, we can provide exceptional solutions to our customers.”

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