Lowther Loudspeakers introduces its first all-new speaker in 30 years

Lowther Loudspeakers, a British speaker manufacturer, has announced its first brand-new speaker design in almost 30 years - the Almira.

Following on from its Heritage Collection, Almira is a modern twist on a classic, preserving the clarity and scale of larger Lowther speaker cabinets, but with a more compact footprint.

Lowther Loudspeakers was born out of a collaboration between Engineer Paul Voigt and O.P. Lowther collaborated on their first project, the Lowther-Voigt Radio, producing a range of high-end radiograms, amplifiers, tuners and loudspeakers offering many different adaptations for home use including custom cabinets.

The Almira has been designed to present equally as well in smaller rooms as they do in larger spaces. The Almira is a 2.3m single folded quarter-wave generic Voigt horn with a floor-facing exit based on the quarter-wave Voigt horn with a floor-facing exit.

Although designed with Voigt's original principles in mind, the Almira is a slight departure from the Lowther heritage design with the addition of a handmade super tweeter, together with an Almira-specific phase compensation board. The Almiras are designed with Lowther’s DX3 drive units and are notably comparable in efficiency and scale of the soundstage with larger heritage cabinets, like the TP2. 

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