FlexEnable showcases flexi screen tech in smartwatch

UK flexible electronics specialist FlexEnable revealed its first wrist-worn, conformable organic LCD (OLCD) at Mobile World Congress this week. The full colour, 0.3mm thick prototype was demonstrated in a curved smartwatch form factor on the company’s stand (L30 in Hall 8.0) at the Barcelona show held February 22 to 25, 2016.

The 4.7-in screen was driven by the company’s flexible transistor technology, which the company says delivers vivid colour and smooth video content. 

Chuck Milligan, CEO of FlexEnable, said: “The market for wearable devices, and the applications enabled by these devices, is growing fast.  However, form-factor constraints and rigidness of components, particularly the display, present challenges for wearables that limit design options and utility.

“Flexible displays are driving a paradigm shift enabling greater levels of innovation in wearable applications. The ability to bend and form ultra-thin, unbreakable displays and sensors to any and every surface gives our partners the freedom to design game-changing products which have been impossible until today.”

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