NETGEAR home network protection for Wi-Fi 6

NETGEAR has announced its advanced cyber protection, NETGEAR Armor powered by Bitdefender, is now available on Orbi Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Systems as well as several NETGEAR Wi-Fi 6 routers.

Protecting connected homes and unlimited devices from online threats both at home and on the go, NETGEAR Armor is a multi-layered cybersecurity solution, which includes Bitdefender’s award-winning anti-virus, anti-malware and data protection software for end devices. 

It is built in to NETGEAR Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi systems as well as the Nighthawk Wi-Fi routers to protect IoT products, connected TVs, thermostats, mobile phones, computers, tablets and other consumer devices.

The solution actively safeguards networks against threats, such as trojans, ransomware, zero-day exploits, rootkits, and spyware, as well as helping to block fraudulent websites trying to steal financial data such as passwords or credit card numbers, and looks out for malicious links in browsers, emails, or apps. 

NETGEAR Armor does active vulnerability scans on all connected devices in the home as well as sending instant alerts when threats are detected and blocking them through NETGEEAR Orbi/Nighthawk app. 

The web protection feature allows safer browsing by alerting the user and blocking potentially harmful webpages. 

For Android and Windows devices, NETGEAR Armor has anti-theft protection in case they are lost or stolen. Bitdefender Security delivers on the go protection for iOS, MAC, Android and Windows devices. 

Bitdefender VPN is a new feature included with Bitdefender Security which provides a more secure way to browse the web and encrypts the internet connection to keep online activity private and worry-free while connected to public Wi-Fi networks. Existing customers can update to the latest version of the Bitdefender app to access the VPN feature for free for up to 200MB of encrypted data traffic per day per device. 

“The world has come to learn how reliant we are on connectivity and along with this access comes potential online threats from bad actors,” commented David Henry, senior vice president for connected home products at NETGEAR. 

“In 2018, NETGEAR made the strategic decision to help keep our customers secure by providing world-class network security through our partnership with Bitdefender. With NETGEAR Armor, you can sleep soundly knowing that your home network and all the connected devices are secure at home and on the go.”

NETGEAR Armor is complimentary for a 30-day trial period and then requires a yearly subscription starting at £59.99 / €69.99.

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