Stealth Acoustics and AWE Europe enter UK distribution agreement

AWE Europe has been appointed as the UK distributor for Stealth Acoustics with immediate effect.

The distributor is hosting an exclusive preview of new Stealth Acoustics models at AWE Expo, taking place today and tomorrow at AWE’s Show Apartment in Epsom. Visitors will get a first look at the new generation of LineaRadiance invisible speakers.

Stealth Acoustics specialises in high-performance AV systems which are aesthetically sleek and minimalist. The manufacturer is well known for its range of flat radiating invisible or hidden architectural speaker solutions which were first released in 2003.

Being introduced at AWE Expo, the LineaRadiance Invisible Speakers is the 8th generation and the next evolution of Stealth Acoustics’ flat radiating diaphragm, speakers. The line up offers a flexible solutions for every interior aesthetic as the speakers can be plastered up to, plastered over, painted or wallpapered over, among other options.

Up to five new full range speaker models are planned for release this year to complete the family of 8th generation invisible speaker/subwoofer offerings.

AWE will release full details and will receive stocks of the current range and the first of the new models in May, ready to ship at the beginning of June.

“Invisible and discrete speaker solutions is a growing marketplace, and one in which AWE has been keen to offer a class-leading solution for,” said Stuart Tickle, AWE’s managing director. “To be frank, our no-compromise approach meant that we have had to wait patiently for the right partner and product, and Stealth Acoustics’ new Gen 8 models with a 17-year warranty offers just that for our customers.”

Brian Azzano, vice president of Stealth Acoustics added: “I couldn’t be more excited about our new distribution partnership with AWE in the UK. We’ve had a great run with our long-time friends and partners there over the years, but AWE is able to bring a level of scale and service to our brand that we feel is necessary for an ever-expanding product category such as invisible speakers.”

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