StormAudio digital audio suite available to Bryston SP4 & Focal Astral 16 users

Owners of the Bryston SP4 and the Focal Astral 16 can now enjoy the new StormAudio digital audio suite, thanks to a new licence available to purchase.

With this licence, Bryston SP4 and Focal Astral 16 users also have access to the Dirac Live Active Room Treatment calibration tool which calibrates speakers as a unified system, using each speaker’s strengths to reduce room decay time, efficiently cancelling out lingering bass.

Users also benefit from a host of other advanced features, previously exclusive to StormAudio customers, such as expert bass management, which gives precise control over low-frequency output, and multiple layout management, which allows up to six different speaker configurations, accessible through preset selection.

Owners will also have access to the StormEasy Setup Wizard, a user-friendly setup process that simplifies configuration and calibration, as well as the StormXT, which gives an enhanced immersive audio experience with optimised channel expansion. They will also have new filters for parametric equalisation (PEQ) to give improved flexibility and control over sound adjustments.


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