Tesla makes chargers compatible with other EVs

Tesla has quietly launched a new Level 2 wall charger for the home that will charge non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) on the same day that it began allowing its Supercharger stations to be used by other EVs in the Netherlands.

This is just the first step in Tesla’s much bigger plan to open up access to its charging network around the world in a move to encourage more people to buy EVs.

Currently launched only in America, the new Level 2 charger uses a standard J1772 connector instead of Tesla’s proprietary connector, making it compatible with other EVs in North America. The company says that it can charge up to 9.6kW and can be installed indoors or outdoors by a professional electrician.

rfranca / Shutterstock

The Level 2 charger does not feature any of the advanced features that some of Tesla’s other chargers feature such as Wi-Fi.

It is priced at $415.

Main image: Roschetzky Photography / Shutterstock 

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