Theory Audio Design updates Automator software for surround systems up to 9.4.4

Theory Audio Design has released Automator version 2.0 through a software update to enable integrators to deploy Theory surround systems using two of its ALC-1809 Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers simultaneously for systems up to 9.4.4 or 7.4.6.

The ALC-1809 nine-channel Amplified Loudspeaker Controller sits at the heart of every Theory loudspeaker system with 1,800W and 96kHz/32-bit digital signal processing on board. Combining the functionality of five products into one, the ALC-1809 is a multi-channel DSP processor, high power multichannel home theatre and distributed audio amplifier, multichannel mixing amplifier, multichannel bass manager, and high-resolution loudspeaker processor, packaged in a 1U housing.

Theory’s Automator software runs on the ALC-1809 and the intuitive interface walks integrators through a simple five-step system configuration. Using a single ALC, integrators can configure a 7.2 or 5.2.2 system in 15 minutes. This update to v2.0 allows installer to use to ALC-1809s to configure systems up to 9.4.4 or 7.4.6 just as easily.

The new update brings other benefits too, including a start up wizard that makes setting up the first system even easier. There is also a new simplified wiring graphics and tabular wiring diagram that is printable as well as a new and improved speaker layout diagram. The software features optimised bass management across tow ALCs with a minimum or two subs, and speaker distances can now be entered as feet or metres, depending on what the installer prefers.

“When we introduced the Theory surround sound systems, reviewers, dealers and customers marvelled at the scale and quality of the sound for the price and almost immediately began asking to be able to deploy more complex systems via our automated software suite,” explained Paul Hales, Theory’s owner and product designer. “In their view, the up-to-9 channel media-room-focused Theory systems exceeded the performance of their higher-priced, larger dedicated theatre room systems, so they were eager to see what could be achieved from Theory in these settings.

“With Automator v2.0 software update, we are answering their call. Automator 2.0 now gives integrators the ability to deploy and configure spectacular sounding surround sound systems with up to 18 loudspeakers with minimal effort.”

Automator v2.0 is now available to download from the Theory website.