Trinnov to debut new form of WaveForming in demo at Munich High End

Trinnov is set to introduce a new cylindrical form of WaveForming this week at Munich’s High End show, taking place 9-12 May.

In partnership with Perlisten, the demonstration will consist of an 11.1.6 channel system with Perlisten’s THX Certified Dominus surround system, utilising no less than eight D15S Perlisten 15” active subwoofers. The Perlisten loudspeaker and subwoofer system will be driven by an Altitude32 and all speakers will be powered by an Amplitude16 and an Amplitude8.

At this year’s show, Trinnov will showcase the new, less restrictive approach of WaveForming suitable for specific types of rooms and applications. Subwoofers will not need to be lifted off the ground but ideally distributed along the width of the room both at the front and the back of the listening areas.

This advancement further confirms Trinnov’s intention to provide realistic guidance as to what can be expected from the latest technologies. It also highlights the flexibility and adaptability of WaveForming and Trinnov technologies to an increased number of specific types of rooms and target applications.

Along with Perlisten’s refined high-performance loudspeakers and subwoofers, the demo will show how audiophile expectations can be achieved in a home theatre setting.

To experience the new implementation of WaveForming, attendees of High End Munich can make an appointment in Atrium 3.1, room C112. The room is made specially for the show and accommodates 18 people for each demo session.


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