Cabasse prioritises affordability with Murano Alto

Take the technology of Cabasse’s well-regarded flagship L’Océan and La Sphère lines (both in the six figure speaker market), lower the price and what do you get? A more widely affordable speaking offering that still benefits from Cabasse’s technology and characteristic attention to the detail.

The French manufacturer’s newly introduced Murano Alto floorstanders are not too far of a departure from its L’Océan and La Sphère speakers, both visually and aurally – although are considerably less weighty, in both size and price.

Positioned below the Pacific 3SA, the Murano Altos range of floorstanding speakers incorporate the BC13 tweeter/midrange driver used in L’Océan’s coaxial driver design. It also features a newly developed aluminium wave broadcast system for integration with bass drivers.

The Murano Alto's bespoke 17ND36 bass drivers are miniaturised variants of the 55cm honeycomb membrane woofers developed for La Sphères too.

The speakers are available in three glossy finishes (white, black or mahogany) and are priced at £8,000 per pair in the UK.

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