CasaTunes Integrates with PulseAudio Distribution Amp

CasaTunes has announced support for the 6X6 Audio Distribution Amplifier from PulseAudio.

CasaTunes CT-4-

The PulseAudio 6x6 audio matrix with 6 bridgeable zones can support 1 or 2 speakers per zone expandable up to 3 units for 18 zones of distributed audio. The amplifier offers 100 watts per channel. When paired with the CasaTunes Music Server, CasaTunes transforms the 6x6 Distribution Amp into a whole house music system, providing music via disc, networked and Internet music, as well as complete control of the system using the CasaTunes Android and iOS apps. Schedules can be created for falling asleep or waking up to a favorite playlist.

The PulseAudio 6x6 Audio Distribution Amplifier can be paired with the CasaTunes CT-1, CT-2, CT-3 or CT-4S music servers, depending on how many independent streams are needed, and the amount of disc storage required for a user’s music.

The PA66KIT from PulseAudio includes the distribution amplifier and 6 keypads for room designated control and the integrated Wi-Fi and apps for Android and IOS. Check out our products:

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