Chord Company announces latest loudspeaker cables to get XLPE upgrade

Chord Company has added its latest technology, XLPE, to two more of its loudspeaker cables.

The Odyssey and Epic cables have been upgraded to XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) from the original PTFE (often referred to as Teflon). The new OdysseyX and EpicX cables join several recently launched loudspeaker cables offering improved performance over their predecessors. 

The phase properties of XPLE show a vast improvement over the previous PTFE insulation, following extensive listening tests at Chord Company’s factory. The benefits of the new XLPE-equipped speaker cables will be a focus for the company’s demonstrations at The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2019 next month. 

Last September saw the first XLPE appearance with the launch of the SignatureXL speaker cable, and since then has also been implemented into RumourX, ShawlineX and now OdysseyX (AV cable) and the mid-price option, EpicXL.

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