ComfortClick Introduces Jigsaw Z-Wave Server

Jigsaw Z-Wave is ComfortClick’s new home automation server with integrated Z-Wave interface aiming to connect a wide range of both wireless and wired systems including KNX.

ComfortClick, the company behind bOS (building Operating System), the universal home automation platform, has launched Jigsaw Z-Wave, the new smart home server for managing and controlling Z-Wave based systems and devices. Jigsaw comes with integrated Z-Wave Plus interface which makes it a great solution for renovation projects and retrofitting of existing homes into smart homes.

comfortclick z-wave home interface on phone and tablet
By putting together a Z-Wave integrated server and bOS software, ComfortClick aims to unify a wide range of wireless devices under one system. A completely wireless setup, using Z-Wave, Sonos, Kodi, IRTrans and other TCP/IP devices, is possible.

Different devices will be able to talk to each other for automatic, more efficient control and monitoring. Useful combinations with wired systems such as KNX or Modbus can also be made. Together with DSC alarm, Global Caché and SMA Solar Technologies support, Jigsaw strives to be a widely applicable solution which is future proof and upgrade friendly. 

Indome OÜ, an Estonian company, just finished installing 44 Jigsaws in a 44 apartment building complex. "Jigsaw Z-Wave was an ideal fit for our project since we needed a server to control Z-wave, Modbus and Mbus together. We’re very satisfied with the solution.” said Lauri Lotamõis, Indome OÜ CEO.

Jigsaw Z-Wave comes with bOS Configurator an intuitive software used to create, manage and edit smart building configuration. bOS Configurator enables the design of complex automation tasks, logic, schedules, and scenes without the need of scripts or any programming skills. A wizard tool helps the user to design anything from simple scenes to advanced configuration, featuring logical operations, data logging, presence simulation and more. Sample project configurations and icon packages are also available for download free of charge.

The possibility to make a fully tailored GUI can be of great value for system integrators who can prepare their own user interface showing company’s logo and colors or an actual picture of customer’s living room or office space.

The user interacts with the whole system via Android, iOS and Windows apps with responsive design that adapts to all screen sizes.

comfortclick z-wave interface on phone

During Jigsaw Z-Wave launch ComfortClick is promoting a Giveaway where you can win a free sample:

Product Features

  • Connect wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and make them work together: Z-Wave, Sonos, Kodi, IRTrans, Global Caché, TCP/IP devices.
  • Possibility of combination with wired systems: KNX, Modbus, DSC alarm,  SMA Solar Technologies, IP intercom.
  • Monitor and control connected devices via free bOS apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, which can be installed on a limitless number of mobile devices.
  • Receive alerts from connected devices when there are unexpected or scheduled activities in your home.
  • Wide range of automation tasks, logic, schedules, scenes and data logging operations.
  • Fully customizable GUI - custom icons and background pictures can be used.
  • System integrators can have their company’s logo and colors included in the GUI design

ComfortClick receives orders directly or through one of their distributors. For more information visit, contact via, skype: comfortclick or call on + 386 1 510 15 60.

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