Control4 improves wireless connectivity in smart homes with launch of Wave 2 Pakedge Access Point

Control4 has launched the Pakedge WA-2200 Wave 2 Access Point with BakPak Lite, a new smart home solution to improve wireless connectivity.

The WA-2200 is designed to enable Control4 dealers to provide centralised management and configuration with simplified deployment to deliver reliable wireless connectivity with a growing number of connected devices.

The need for improved wireless network performance is growing with the rise of bandwidth-intensive applications such as VoIP, 4K/HD video streaming, and multi-player gaming all happening simultaneously in the home. The WA-2200 delivers faster speeds, lower latency, and seamless roaming across the wireless network. 

The BakPak cloud configuration means that the new WA-2200 supports both traditional setup through its local interface as well as remote management and monitoring. The auto-discovery feature allows for a quick and simple setup process, meaning the WA-2200 picks up additional access points on the network and streamlines registration for multi-access point systems. 

The WA-2200 Pakedge is now shipping in the UK. The WA-2200, which is the ceiling-mount option, has a UK MSRP of £389 and the WA-2200-C, the in-ceiling-mount option, is £499.