Controllable portable LED light for video conferencing launched

Recognising the current working from home trends and needs, GLP has unveiled Streamer, a small, versatile LED light source which can present hosts, interviewees and collaborators in professional lighting while video conferencing and streaming.

Designed for the ‘prosumer’ market, the light, which is UL-listed, can also be fully remote controlled by a lighting designer. It features flicker-free high intensity output with a colour temperature range of 1900-5600K, provided by three different colour sets of LEDs.

Using the onboard buttons, a range of built-in colour temperature presets can be accessed as well as instant control of colour intensity. The presets can be modified by the user within the desktop app.

Measuring six inches long, Streamer is easy to transport in its robust case. It also plugs into a standard USB-C socket on any computer and requires no batteries or bulky power adaptors.

The control app is not only used to manage the colour output level, but also allows full remote control capability. Product manager, William Irwin explained: “If Streamer needs to be operated from a remote location, such as a TV studio, full control can be achieved with instantaneous response. Thanks to the browser-based app, Streamer can be controlled from computers, smartphones and tablets, giving a lighting designer full control over the device.”

GLP’s Streamer Deluxe Control Kit consists of mounting accessories including an extendable tripod, a 12-in gooseneck extension for hard-to-reach places, a suction cup and USB-C to USB-C cable, contained in a purpose-built case with moulded foam interior.

Streamer is now shipping and available for €129 throughout Europe.

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