Essence Group unveils 5G all-in-one intruder prevention solution

Hailed as the first of its kind, Essence Group has introduced MyShield, a 5G connected comprehensive intruder prevention system.

MyShield can be used as a standalone solution connected to 5G CAT-M networks as well as being integrated into any existing security system. The all-in-one device addresses the need for pre-emptive intruder prevention by using a PIR motion detector, a high-definition video camera with recording capabilities for video verification, two-way voice communication, and a proprietary smoke diffuser that fills a room within seconds with a veil of harmless yet disorienting smoke to force intruders out of the home.

The integrated and easy-to-install system incorporates a cloud-based services platform, including reporting and analytical tools, giving security services providers the tools to tailor their offering to meet specific customer requirements.

Dr. Haim Amir, CEO and founder of Essence Group commented: “Unlike standard alarm systems, which afford intruders a window of time to cause damage before a security dispatch arrives, MyShield enables home and business owners to effectively and directly remove them from the premises. We are providing property owners with the unique ability to be more proactive and control the situation, by denying intruders the time and opportunity to cause harm. This is intervention at its most effective.”

MyShield is battery powered and includes its own communications channels making it easy to use and simple to install.

It uses the latest 5G infrastructure for IoT applications. Connectivity to 5G CAT-M networks ensures high levels of reliability and accuracy, while providing peace of mind and a better quality of life to users.

Essence Group demonstrated its advances in 5G-connected security and personal safety devices at CES 2021. The company will be demoing MyShield at CES 2022, taking place in January in Las Vegas. 


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