Faradite launches new black motion sensor for home cinemas

At the end of this month, Faradite’s new black volt-free motion sensor will make its trade show debut at EI Live! 2019.

Designed specifically for home cinemas, the motion sensor blends in with the background to deliver higher levels of aesthetic appeal as well as high performance. Most dark motion sensors already on the market have a white lens, making them stand out. Faradite’s motion sensor offers a black lens as well as a black case to make the sensor completely discrete.

Feedback from customers led to the creation of the sensor, with Faradite saying: “Installers told us they were spray painting our white sensors because they appreciated the functionality but needed to alter the appearance.”

Based on Faradite’s Motion Sensor 360 – Volt-Free design, the sensor can be powered by a 5V to 24V supply. It sits 3.5mm off the ceiling and is completely silent. Using the latest digital passive infrared technology reduces lens size while delivering the range and viewing angle required. 

Compatible with Control4, Lutron and Crestron lighting and automation systems, the sensor can set up the cinema exactly as the user wants it just by them walking into the room. There is also the option to mask the sensor to project a thin beam so the user can activate the cinema when a particular chair is sat on. 

The sensor can also protect the cinema equipment by shutting everything down when it hasn’t detected motion after a certain length of time. However, home owners can also set the sensor to keep the cinema running for movie marathons or a particularly long film/programme, without having a pop up to ask if the user would like to continue watching.

Using multiple sensors in the home cinema allows the user to assign different actions to each one using the control system. For example, a sensor can be fitted in the side of seats that can activate floor lighting if someone needs to leave to go to the toilet.