Former Apple product designer introduces triphonic audio

Syng, a new start up audio company run by an ex-Apple product designer, has unveiled the Cell Alpha speaker, delivering triphonic audio that is designed to transform spaces for a fully immersive sound experience.

From 1995, Christopher Stringer worked as a product designer for Apple, influencing some of the most iconic products including iPhones, Macbooks and the Apple Watch. In 2017, he left the company to start working on something new, the Cell Alpha.

Described as being the first triphonic speaker in the world, it “transforms your space into a field of clear, detailed sound – a fully immersive experience that puts you at the centre of your favourite music and entertainment”.

Aiming to deliver a new standard in spatial audio, the speaker is made up of two woofers in opposing force-balanced configuration; three speaker elements in a two-way beamforming array; and three microphones for automatic room equalisation, wall proximity and direction detection, and multi-Cell geometry calculation. This gives a smooth frequency response from 30 Hz to 20kHz, and the Cell can achieve film reference levels of sound (105 dB peaks).

The Cell Alpha is designed to have no front, back, left or right, but to deliver sound all around the room, even with just one Cell. Two Cells together will cooperate to fill the room with even more 3D sound. The company states that they can be placed wherever they fit with no need to put them in a particular arrangement, and they work together to create a singular sound field. Three Cells together create the ultimate Triphonic audio, with complete spatial control and total envelopment.

For full control of the audio, the Syng Space app allows users to play music from any sound source. From this summer, users will also be able to explore the sound field by moving elements, tightening or expanding the zone. The app also allows control of multiple Cells around the home and enables multiroom play.

The speaker features two USB-C ports to connect devices such as a laptop, a record player, and more. The Cell can also be used in home cinemas with a Syng Link USB-C to HDMI cable and an eARC port on a TV.

It comes with either a table stand or a modular floor stand. Prices for the Cell Alpha start at $1,799.