Fyne Audio enters home install market with full line of loudspeakers

Entering the residential installation loudspeaker market, Fyne Audio is set to launch five in-ceiling/in-wall models based on the brand’s budget and mid-level traditional speakers.

The entry level FA300iC and premium FA500iC home install ranges take their inspiration from the technology and acoustic tuning of Fyne’s award-winning F300 and F500 series cabinet speakers respectively. 

Models in the FA300iC range use the same multi-fibre bass / midrange cone and 25mm polyester dome tweeter as the regular F300 cabinet loudspeakers, arrange coaxially for a compact installation footprint. 

Using the F500 IsoFlare drivers with the tweeter positioned at the heart of the bass driver for point source accuracy, the premium FA500iC series delivers a performance advantage over other premium loudspeakers. 

FA300iC series is the affordable and east to install entry level range from Fyne and includes the compact six-in (FA301iC) and the powerful eight-in (FA302iC). 

The multi-fibre bass / mid cones are terminated with Fyne’s signature FyneFlute roll surround for improved LF performance while the F300 series’ tweeter is mounted on an adjustable pod, to offer up to 20 degrees of tilt to best direct the on-axis response to the key listening position. 

FA300iC Series Tweeter Detail - mid-res
FA300iC Series tweeter

This entry range also features a Fyne-signature high power handling and high efficiency with the six-in handling 100W at 89dB/W and the eight-in handling 120W at 90dB/W. 

Each model comes with a round low profile magnetic grille that are paintable to match interior décor. The grilles are supplied with a scrim cloth to further conceal the drivers, and a square grille is offered as an optional extra on both models. 

FA502iC 3Q - mid res

Fyne’s FA500iC range delivers premium quality, pairing the IsoFlare technology and HF driver sophistication of the F500 series with a crossover tuned to get the very best from a flush-mount infinite baffle position. 

This series offers a six-in model (FA501iC) and an eight-in model (FA502iC), plus an eight-in version with the driver set at 15 degrees (FA502iC LCR) to the mounting surface for typical off-axis installation, such as home theatre. 

FA502iC LCR Driver Detail - mid res
FA502iC LCR driver

With power handling up to 150W and 91dB efficiency, the FA500iC range offers the same dynamics and musical performance of traditional cabinet loudspeakers. They are also able to integrate seamlessly into multi-channel systems also using F500 series models. 

Shallow mounting depths and easy to install clamps allows for the FA500iC range to be installed in-ceiling or in-wall. 

The FA501iC and FA502iC are both supplied with the option of a round or square, low profile magnetic-mounted paintable grille, while the FA502iC LCR is supplied with round only. 

All models in Fyne’s new home install ranges are supplied with cut-out template, scrim backed grilles and dog leg clamps to secure into plasterboard wall and ceilings. 

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