Gira adds voice control to Gira eNet SMART HOME

Gira has launched a progressive software update that enables voice control for the Gira eNet SMART HOME system.

The Gira eNet SMART HOME system now has voice control capabilities via the new voice assistant, increasing the options for customers to control their system. 

With this update, Gira is expanding its solutions for wireless systems for networking and controlling building technology, which are suitable for all types of homes. 

Available now, homeowners can enable the new voice control feature with an eNet server that is 2.2.1 or higher and a smart device to install either the Gira eNet SMART HOME skill for Amazon Alexa or download the eNet SMART HOME App via Google Assistant/Google home depending on the customer’s preference. 

Customers then need to link the Gira My eNet account to their chosen Amazon or Google account to begin controlling their home using voice commands via their digital assistants. Some home features can be intelligently controlled by voice alone, including lighting, blinds and individual scenes alongside a range of compatible switches, apps and control panels: Gira G1, Gira E2 Design Line, Gira System 3000 and Gira Standard 55.

“With virtual assistants becoming more accessible for consumers, we want to ensure more control options for automated building solutions,” said Mark Booth, managing director of Gira UK. “Our new free upgrade for the eNet SMART HOME system is fully secure and encrypted so data is secure against the smart-burglar. 

“As more consumer products are being designed to be compatible with Alexa and Google, this new feature also gives greater independence to people living with visual impairment or low-mobility who are suited to voice control technology.”

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