Hive launches Hub 360

Centrica Hive has announced the launch of the Hub 360, a wireless hub designed to connect Hive devices and bring sound detection into the home.

Billed as it’s “most advanced Hub yet” by the manufacturer, the Hive Hub 360 offers 360-degree audio detection, allowing it to alert homeowners of particular sounds (e.g. a dog barking, smoke or carbon monoxide alarm going off and glass in windows or doors breaking) via a notification on the Hive app.

Any potential sounds of interest are recorded so they can be accessed by a user to see if there could be a possible safety or security issue. A 7-day event log and audio clip history is available to all owners of the hub, and users can also mute the microphone in-app if required.

The ZigBee hub can be positioned anywhere in the home and is integrated with Hive Actions, allowing users to connect different Hive devices together in the home.

The Hive Hub 360 measures 5.1-in tall and 3.2-in wide. Continuing on from the modern look of the Hive View indoor camera, the Hub 360 is available in black and brushed copper and white and champagne gold and incorporates an LED light ring.

The hub is available in the UK and Ireland.

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